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The Acorn Tender, a design by Iain Oughtred, is one of the most requested models that we have constructed.

The Acorn can be built in several different lengths, from 7'6" up to 15', and is a very traditional style boat. The glued lapstrake construction makes the boat cut very easily through the water, whether rowing or towing behind a larger vessel. The optional sail plan makes the Acorn a lot of fun by itself, and the addition of a small outboard adds to its versatility.

The Acorn is a very versatile design, with many options listed below:

  • Several lengths from which to choose.
  • Your choice of color and/or wood finish.
  • Sailing option includes rudder, tiller, centerboard and rigging.
  • Two sail options, the balanced lug or gunter sloop rig.
  • The rowing version includes oars and bronze oarlocks.
AcornTender_4.jpg (115885 bytes)10'2 and 7'6" Acorn

Different sizes for different needs

The 10'2" Acorn can safely carry three passengers in fairly choppy water, and four or five in sheltered conditions. The 7'6" version is small enough to be stowed on the deck, or can also look quite at home in the davits of the most elegant of yachts.

AcornTender_8.jpg (66190 bytes)Close up of the interior of a 10'2" Acorn

Classic style, modern construction methods

The glued lapstrake design allows for a very clean interior, without the frames and stringers found in most traditional wooden boats. The epoxy coating inside and out, makes this boat easy to maintain, yet handsome to look at.

AcornTender_12.jpg (43444 bytes)Same design, but a different look.

Finished to your specifications

This example of the 7'6" Acorn was done in a darker mahogony plywood, with a lighter trim, and the outside painted a traditional forest green. Each boat that we construct is unique, since they are made one at a time, the old fashioned way.

AcornTender_16.jpg (81527 bytes)The perfect deserted beach, at last!

A design with many uses.

The addition of a small outboard engine increases the distances one can cover. The idea behind the design has been to acheive a model that will handle easily in all conditions, whether light or loaded, in smooth water or rough; under oars, sail or outboard.

AcornTender_20.jpg (69120 bytes)The balanced lug sailing rig.

Optional sailing packages

The balanced lug rig is the best overall deal in terms of simplicity, setting up, handling, reefing and stowing. An optional gunter sloop rig makes for a very seamanlike rig, and one ideal for young people to learn to sail with.

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