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An appealing double-ender, the Whilly Boat is as able as an open boat of her size can be.

Iain Oughtred designed the Whilly Boat based on the tradtitional Shetland workboats of the past, but with modern materials and construction. The hull lines of this 14'6" daysailer and beach cruiser possess a timeless universality.


  • LOA 14'6" for the Whilly, 19'6" for the Caledonia
  • Beam  on the Whilly 4'7", for the Caledonia 6'2"
  • Weight 140 lbs for the Whilly, 340 lbs for the Caledonia
WhillyBoat_4.jpg (66752 bytes)Stroke! Stroke!

Rowing version.

Suitable for up to four passengers, the Whilly is very comfortable under oars. The glued lapstrake construction moves easily through the water, and a small out board engine can be added for increased versatility.

WhillyBoat_8.jpg (123203 bytes)A balanced lug sail option.

Sailing Version.

The designer offers three different sailing rigs: an 80 sq. ft. Gaff sloop; a 74 sq. ft. boomless standing lug; or an 80 sq. ft. balance lug. The Whilly Boat delivers the independence desired by all solo sailors. She'll sail you just about anywhere within reason, and you can row her home if the wind dies.

WhillyBoat_12.jpg (47072 bytes)Under sail or oars, the Caledonia Yawl displays the full, unbroken sweep of the sheer from stem to stern.

Caledonia Yawl

A larger variation on the Whilly is the Caledonia Yawl, also designed by Iain Oughtred. At 19'6", the Caledonia accomodates up to six people comfortably as an open model, but can include considerable built-in closed space.

WhillyBoat_16.jpg (50598 bytes)Along the banks of  the Mississippi River.

More traditional looks.

The Caledonia can be rigged with either a balance lug or high-peaked gaff-headed mainsails. The Caledonia has relatively high ends and shows considerable reserve bouyancy above the waterline throughout its length.


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